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    2016-05-04 18:04:21 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    One commonly used method is: with a brush with water flushing or with high-pressure water washing (the plate can not be left vacant), brush can effectively remove the stone surface and crevices of the dust, so as to increase the contact surface of the resin and the stone, but due to water influx in crevice of stone, the presence of water hinder resin deeper into the stone pore, clean sheet need air dry or dry naturally. However, the conventional drying method will still have water remain in the imitation marble elevator door pore.
    For my humble home water precipitation, the tunnel type or tower two drying equipment for drying test control at 45 degrees to 55 degrees, time 120 minutes, but of different materials by different time control, material more loose the drying time is short, gap, full of water after drying, such as conditions can edge patch edge rubber vacuum aspirator gap of air. This resin can deeper into the slot, the effect is better.
    Shop 2, epoxy resin, curing polishing
    Epoxy resin after being heated and melted down in imitation marble elevator door surface usually uses artificial evenly coated on the surface of the stone, smear Baidu in 0.50 mm to 1 mm, smooth process to a certain pressure is applied in the resin into the gap.
    如大平采用自动化机械层,仿大理石电梯门套平铺树脂后送入烘干容器内,容器间谍控制在30~40度,时间约为120分钟,由电脑控制,不能震动,如在常温下需静止放置 24小时左右,树脂才能完全固化,待树脂与材质融合为一体后,此补胶过程全部完全,通过补胶后的仿大理石电梯门套经磨抛后机械强度提高、色泽更均匀、艳丽。
    Such as flat by mechanical automation layer, imitation marble elevator door tile resin into the drying container, the container spy control in 30 ~ 40 degrees, about 120 minutes, controlled by a computer, that cannot be shaken, such as at room temperature required to be still placed for about 24 hours, the resin can finish all solid state, until the resin and the combination of materials for one, the glue filling process altogether by glue after repair of imitation marble elevator door by grinding and polishing mechanical strength increased, the color more uniform, gorgeous.