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    2018-05-12 16:10:09 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    he heat of marble like UV board is not reduced. More and more people choose to decorate their walls for decoration, so that the walls are no longer monotonous. But together, how hard will people be? - how do you choose the marble UV board?


    In the present, the imitation marble UV board has a complete and plentiful game. It has a series of imitation marble, wood grain, cloth, pure color, personalization and so on. Hundreds of kinds of tricks can be chosen, and new types and tricks will be introduced as scheduled. Here, in order to allow you to choose more satisfying tricks and enjoy a more comfortable life, you have picked up some small skills for wall selection.


    First of all, the tricks of marble UV board should be reconciled with the brightness of the room. In the sunny room, we can choose shallow water, grass, grass and other cool trick, and the space temperature. If you want to make the room appear steady and heavy, you can choose the darker color in the south room, and the room will not be too dark. In contrast, the room that we face to the north lacks enough sunlight, so it is necessary to keep warm and warm like beige and light coffee.
    Secondly, the tricks of the marble UV board should be adapted to the size of the room. The pictures of big flowers are not very suitable for small space. The exquisite space and the fine markings are better matched. Using some tricks with dark lines will make the space more spacious and clear.
    Designers often recommend long vertical stripes for small spaces. This kind of trick can effectively stretch the height of the space, make the visual sense of the space double the height, and be deeply spoiled by the fashion world. Of course, if you have a slight panic attack, you can choose a slightly wider vertical stripes.
    At the end, the tricks of the marble UV board should be matched with other furniture. The wall is a great match for all the space. All furniture and decoration must be set up. Therefore, the style of the wall is closely related to the pace of furniture style. If you want to test mix and match, red or all kinds of grayscale tricks will be a universal choice. They will not make all the space too chaotic.