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    2018-05-15 17:27:05 文章来源:www.crbanking.com


    The stone plastic elevator sleeve is a new mixture of pvc+ natural stone powder. The elevator sleeve of this kind of raw material can not only have the markings and texture of marble, but also has excellent resistance and hardness. It can be said to be a kind of material with high cost performance. Then, what is the construction process of stone plastic elevator?

    1, material preparation: lines, side panels, foam glue, silicone rubber (or marble glue), 45 degree cut saw, table saw, glue gun, infrared instrument;

    2. Lay out the base of the wall and clean it up. There is no oil pollution, floating dust, and check the evenness and straightness of the wall. The oversize part should be chipped or repaired with cement mortar to strengthen the leveling before construction.

    3. Find out the horizontal line and the straight control line on the wall.

    假设墙面是干挂大理石根基,需要用细木工板打底,然后将薄板用泡棉胶暂时结实,云石胶点粘到细木工板上;然后将薄板切开部分卡在线条卡槽中 ,将线条设备到位,压实,结实在墙体细木工板基面上。卡槽一方面可以遮挡住侧板切开处的瑕疵,另一方面设备速率可以前进。(分外阐明:泡棉胶起到暂时结实的感染,硅酮胶24小时内无法凝结,但其前期感染力强,所以二者一起使用才干到达预期结果)

    4, cut saw adopted 45 degrees angle to cut lines and diagonal splicing to reflect the smoothness of thick plate + lines: assuming that the wall is dry and hanging marble foundation, need to use small wood to find 3-4 points on the wall, then use the sticky sticky point of the mica glue, the small wood side with foam glue added around, and then cut the line of 45 degree angle cut on the side board. The other side of the line adheres to the wall.
    Assuming that the wall is a dry marble foundation, it needs to be bottled up with a carpenter's board, then the sheet is temporarily sturdy with foam rubber, and the mica glue points to the carpenter board; then the thin plate section is stuck in the line card slot, and the line equipment is in place, compacted and sturdy on the wall carpenter's base surface. On the one hand, the card slot can block the defects on the side board, and on the other hand, the equipment speed can move forward. (expound: foam rubber has a temporary and sturdy infection, and silicone rubber can not condense within 24 hours, but its early infection is strong, so the two use the talent to reach the expected results).

    7. Fill the corner crack with silicone rubber

    8. Glue the gap between the line and the wall

    9. Side panels should be cut by table saws according to the actual scale. The construction methods refer to the lines (the foundation is smooth, the foam glue is temporarily strong, and the silicone glue is sticky.

    10. Completion of the whole