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    2018-05-09 14:22:17 文章来源:www.crbanking.com


    The green and pollution-free image of the imitation marble UV board has gradually become a household name, gradually replacing the role of traditional decorative materials in our days, and giving more decoration to modern people. In order to let us further understand the integrated wallboard, today Xiaobian will give us popular science and technology to help us understand the marble UV board.


    The imitation marble UV board is the selection of natural stone powder, light calcium carbonate, polymer resin with other auxiliary materials, increasing flame retardant properties of polymer composite material high temperature kneading, mainly with trough plate, flat arc plate, plane plate three specifications; the product appearance is used resin adhesive film, its thickness is about 1 centimeters, through the straight. And stone powder is extracted from the natural growth of bamboo species of a cellulose fiber, cotton is continuous, hemp, wool, silk after the fifth natural materials. The imitation marble UV board is a kind of new green and quick decoration material which can adjust the environmental protection, heat insulation, moisture proof, heat preservation, fire protection, sound insulation, fashion and other elements.


    The imitation marble UV plate generally selects porous hollow structure, which can make the integrated wall plate with good endurance, impact resistance, compression wall, shock proof and zigzag performance. By testing the marble UV plate, it can withstand the pressure of the freight car, and it will not be cracked. In addition, the hollow structure of the imitation marble UV board makes its heat transfer and sound transmission less than the solid plate, and plays the effect of sound insulation, heat insulation and moistureproof, and it is very practical. In the meantime, it is still a way to prevent swell, and it is safer to reduce the load bearing capacity of the whole structure of the house.