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    2018-05-07 15:35:57 文章来源:www.crbanking.com


    Some owners have shown that the house just brushed the wall, because of moving, dyed small stains, how to deal with? And, the house for a few years, especially the rental room, the wall color dark, look old old, some local, still have mildew and stains, this kind of compensation. Maybe someone would say, painting it from scratch. However, painting is time-consuming and painstaking, and in the process of painting, it may stain the furniture, but it is hard to please.


    When decorating, we should consider this problem and change the wall materials. Now, for the owners who study the characteristics of decoration, they generally do not recommend the use of general coatings, but instead use elastic coatings. These coatings were mostly used for building facades, which naturally withstand wind and sun. At home, using this kind of paint, immediately after soiled, wipe it gently with damp cloth, which is generally clean and clean.仿大理石uv板


    However, its price is slightly higher than the general coating, the price per square metre will be more than 10-15 yuan, and more than 100 square meters of house decoration costs will be more than nearly 2000 yuan. Together, its appearance is coated with particles and feels not smooth and smooth like ordinary materials, nor is it acceptable to all. Therefore, assuming that it is not willing to use such a flexible coating, designers suggest that the use of washable coatings, large brand coating materials have introduced similar products.


    Besides, do not paint on the wall. Some walls should consider other materials. Especially in a large area of open space, there is no furniture blocking before the wall, so the local can consider the selection of other materials, is also a decoration. Such as TV set, sofa scenery, corridor wall, and bedroom wall.


    As for the wall that has smudges and mildew spots, the project manager should remind us not to take a damp cloth to wipe it. Because of the material that is not applied to the wall, wiping it with wet cloth will not only play a role in cleaning, but also make the stain bigger and bigger.


    When the decoration of the house becomes old and the walls are dim, you may as well buy some wallpaper and transform some of the walls. Designers feel that to buy those monochrome wallpaper, economic benefits, the price of these wallpaper between 30-50 yuan / volume, a roll of wallpaper can stick about 3 square meters of the wall, two hundred or three hundred yuan can make a new look at home.


    If you want to be more economical, go to the small shopping mall for decoration. Do not pick the so-called oil painting with the frame, often on the hundred; pick a few small prints more affordable, the standard does not have to be too big, 40cm x 50cm, the general price can be controlled at about 20 yuan. Take these 3 or 4 pieces as a series, or hang them up, or erect them to cover up the stains and decorate the walls.


    The fashionable wall painting is also a way of compensation. Ask a wall painter to apply those little colors and colors to paint on your wall, and stain can turn into a picture. Now, the price of wall painting varies from several tens to hundreds of yuan per square metre.


    More perfect, is the fast loading famous imitation marble UV board, in the design of the use of traditional plate equipment method, can be directly assembled, direct assembly of billet room, one step in place, equipment is no longer tedious, let you do not be too long for the decoration period and worry. The wall can be directly screwed on the wall without using a chassis. At least, it can save 5-10 centimeters of space. Because the wall equipment is convenient, a 120 flat room only needs 2 people about 20 days to complete, so that some of the decoration workers do not live, many reduction of the manpower cost of the decoration.