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    2016-04-22 17:10:40 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    1: just decoration good KTV to maximize ventilation casual flavor, be sure to remember cannot open all doors and windows for ventilation, because it might give the top the paint has just completed the construction of the wall of a negative, so that the top of a wall, rapid drying, prone to cracks, damaged appearance.

    2: freshly varnished walls or floors, often exudes a shares pungent smell of paint, and a long time residues in the interior, the head giddy, very uncomfortable. You can use basin or bucket like container play filled with cold water, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar or salt on the ventilation room, and open the door furniture, so that both the amount of evaporation of water to protect the wall top paint surface, and can absorb the elimination of residual odor. You only need to put two pots of cold water in the room, one to two days paint smell can be removed, can also be soaked onion in the basin, there is the same effect.


    3: you can also go to the market to pick up some of the high tech flavor cleaning agent, it can remove the newly renovated rooms, new furniture, such as the emission of harmful gases. According to the parties concerned, these cured flavor cleaning agents are generally imported products, the use of ammonia compounds and harmful substances chemical reaction, thus played a role in removing the smell of cleaning. In the newly renovated room, you can remove the smell of cleaning agent into the plate, will be placed in each room, and then combined with the scrubbing and remove the smell, a few days later, it can effectively remove the unpleasant smell.
    4: the point of the house can effectively remove the smell of the paint smell, the economy is also affordable. Of course, pay attention to the walls can not be smoked out of the bad.
    5: milk, also can remove paint flavor, the milk boiled down on the plate, then the dishes in the newly painted cabinets, closed the cupboard door, about 5 hours. The smell of paint can be removed.
    6: if the wooden furniture exudes the smell of paint, can be scrubbed with tea, the smell of paint will eliminate some of the quick.
    7: to quickly remove the smell of paint residue, can also use citric acid soaked cotton balls, hanging in the room as well as the wooden furniture inside.