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    2016-08-22 11:20:49 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    KTV in the decoration design in the process of decoration design, there will be some peculiar smell, for KTV in the process of the decoration of the peculiar smell, how do we clear it?
    1, open the KTV in the strong wind of the window, pay attention not to open all the windows. Reasons: to accelerate the flow of air can make the rapid spread of odor, but strong winds may cause cracks in paint.
    2, with the basin, or a small bucket like container play filled with cold water, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar or lemon acid and other acidic liquid placed in the ventilation room, and open the furniture. Reasons: water added to the evaporation of the water can protect the paint surface, and acid liquid volatile and can absorb the elimination of residual odor.
    3, with tea to wipe the wood furniture surface, can remove the paint smell. Reason: tea containing tannin mattress acid can be a slow and formaldehyde, and aroma of the tea itself can effectively reduce the paint pungent taste.
    4, in the box, corridors, toilets, hall on the top of the pineapple, a large area to put a few more. Reason: pineapple is a coarse fiber fruit, can not only play the absorption of paint smell and can achieve the fragrance of the fragrance of the flavor of pineapple, speed up the speed of the removal of odor.
    5, selection of plant cactus, Chlorophytum, Sansevieria, Sedum, aloe, peace tree and camphor tree on the box with the hall. Reason: the placement of plants is convenient and affordable, and these plants are generally able to release a large amount of oxygen, and can absorb toxic gases or the release of fresh gas, but also has the role of beauty. After light exposure to the plant, the amount of oxygen released under the photosynthesis is several times more than that of the non irradiated.
    6, the choice of some high-tech flavor Qu detergent (preferably imported products), the flavor Qu detergent into the dish. The dish were placed in each room, and then cured flavor combination of scrubbing method, continuous a few days later can effectively remove odor. Reason: General Qu Wei cleaning agent effect is not good, the import of cured flavor cleaning agent is generally the use of ammonia compounds and harmful substances chemical reaction, so as to play a role in removing the smell of cleaning.
    KTV decoration design odor removal method of small series for you to analyze here, if there is a need to contact us!