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    2016-11-16 15:41:44 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    KTV as the main entertainment of the modern city, now more and more competition, so how to hold a dominant position in this fierce competition, the first time in the KTV design and decoration of the first to give his shop to take a nice name, this is done after the decoration of the foundation work, in the name of KTV pay attention to name inclusive and direct. Next is the overall environment of the KTV, so be sure to be in the KTV design decoration, many people come to KTV is mainly to see how the overall environment of KTV.KTV设计装修
    KTV design decoration principles:
    First, the placement of the sound. Sound if the place is not reasonable, will interfere with each other, the general audio using the back-to-back sound design, but not against the wall, it can reduce the interference of sound, can also facilitate the wiring.
    Two, the design of the ceiling. KTV ceiling should be concise, can be used to design the module of forming gypsum board collocation, can also use the wooden structure to bring about, should pay attention to sound a hanging strength, at the same time the configuration of colored lights, using refraction can create a beautiful environment.
    Three, sound insulation design. General KTV doors are used to do with wood, leather material Fumian, outsourcing has the sound absorption effect of the material, if the conditions can be used double glass and rubber to do sound processing. In addition to the KTV room wall should be used, but not muffling walls, the walls more sound better, should pay attention to reasonable, so will lead to insufficient volume of sound, the bad consequences, so that the room wall should also have reflected certain voice function, it can produce better sound effects.
    So, KTV in the design and decoration of the need to use the space reasonably according to local conditions, so that it can be more perfect decoration, the decoration of the time but also pay attention to the layout design, layout must have a sense of privacy, sense of atmosphere and interaction, so that the decoration is the best.