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    2016-11-02 14:39:37 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    The KTV design is the KTV hall design of the core, we should put the front into a sign of the KTV design, KTV decoration design the first function: to be convenient enough to serve the guests, should as soon as possible to register the needs of the guests, colleagues and other service personnel to provide customers with the appropriate services. At the same time, but also to let guests see the moment into the KTV will be able to know the existence in order to consult. In addition, the KTV front desk should be adapted to local conditions. The following small series for you to explain about the KTV design in the front of the decoration should pay attention to the matter.
    1, no matter what the front place generally need to meet two conditions: one is a convenient service, full function; the two is beautiful, the building blocks for KTV decoration. In fact, it is in order to facilitate the operation and visual appearance, the total of three parts, that is, the front desk, the desk, the background wall.
    2、ktv前台柜台高度一般为1-1.2 米,其实在KTV行业并没有一个固定的高度,高对最好是随着当地区域风俗习惯和平均身高等因素决定的,这样会让ktv更符合当地区域特征,更容易赢得客户喜爱。
    2, KTV front counter height is 1-1.2 meters, in fact, in the KTV industry does not have a fixed height, the best is decided with high local customs and the average height and other factors, it will make KTV more in line with the characteristics of the local area, more likely to win customers love.
    3, KTV counter under the operating table, the height is generally 76 cm, but it is also based on the style of KTV and the local characteristics of the decision to please.
    4, the background wall height is usually the size of Zheng Fuqiang, in addition to the KTV according to the whole design style to determine its size, shape and style, or separate background along the wall is generally 1.10 meters, is the best with the front desk (ago) so high in the aesthetic more comfortable, functional and more.
    5, KTV front desk size, that is, the front desk staff working space, generally about 1 meters, and must be clean and tidy, do not pile up items. It should have a top mounted spotlight and other decorative items, but the light intensity and angle of service personnel not only can not cause harm, but also the use of light to improve service personnel image and image in the front desk. The ground laying plastic or wooden floor, or the laying of rubber pad, to reduce staff fatigue caused by long time standing service.
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