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    2016-12-13 14:53:18 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    Although the KTV design KTV managers' attention, but often into a misunderstanding, is very concerned about the KTV facade dazzling and ignore the design of KTV box, so how to let the customer in the rooms inside sing sing happy, fun?
    设备布局: KTV包房设备的处理有两种方法,一种是平面空间的处理,以地板为放置;另一种是立体空间的处理,主要是以壁面利用为要点,因此也就有了位置和疏密之分。由于家具的隔离或相向以及功用的类似和异同,每一种设置都有了非常精确的空间意义,如缓冲、界限、包围、集中、疏导等。处理KTV包房设备就如同处理一张画一样,何处该聚、何处该散、何处该闭、何处改隔、何处该通、何处该明、何处该暗等,要尽可能达到完美,以发挥空间的最大功效。
    The layout of the equipment: there are two methods of processing KTV room equipment, a plane space, to the floor as the place; the other is processing three-dimensional space, mainly in the wall by points, so it has the position and density of points. Due to the isolation and function of furniture or opposite similar and similarities, each set has the spatial meaning very precise, such as buffer boundaries, surrounded by centralized counseling. KTV rooms as a picture processing device, where the poly, where the bulk of the closed, where, where, where the change across the pass, where the Ming, where the dark, as far as possible to achieve perfection, to play the maximum effectiveness of space.
    Processing of color space and shading KTV rooms in addition to pay attention to the use and beauty, it is necessary to pay attention to the whole space of color and brightness, considering the factors of Feng Shui in space or design at the same time, its purpose is mainly to enhance the gas field. KTV room space should be quiet and deserted by the color, not too bright, characteristic of KTV rooms in the whole space, then the local space the space groups are independent of each other, dividing the difference and contact each other on the basis of which, cleverly various monomers and local details of art processing so, the space group can completely show the distinctive character of the organism.
    Above introduction, do you understand? If you do not understand the place, you are welcome to call, we have a comprehensive introduction to you, you are welcome to visit oh.