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    2016-05-23 10:58:09 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    1、要常保持通风干燥。 石材怕环境湿度太大,水气会对石材产生水化,水解及碳酸作用,产生水斑,白化、风化、剥蚀、锈黄等各种病变,摧残石材。因此石材安装环境要常保持通风干燥。仿大理石线条
    1, to maintain ventilation and dry. Stone afraid of environmental humidity is too large, water and gas will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonic acid, resulting in water spots, bleaching, weathering, erosion, rust yellow and other lesions, the destruction of stone. Therefore, the stone installation environment to maintain ventilation and dry.
    2、要立即清除污染。 所有石材均具有天然毛细孔,污染源容易顺着毛细孔渗透到石材内部,形成污渍。防护剂不可能百分百长期阻绝污染,所以一旦有污染源倒在石材上一定要立即清楚,以防止渗入石材毛细孔内。
    2, to immediately clear the pollution. All the stones are natural pores, sources of pollution along the pores easily penetrate into the interior of the stone, the formation of stains. Protective agent can not be 100 percent long-term stop pollution, so once a pollution source inverted in the stone must clear immediately, to prevent the ingress of stone pores.

    3、要彻底保持干净清洁。 不论是质地坚硬的花岗石(硬度HRs88-1114-7)或质地较软的大理石(硬度HRs46-773-5)均不耐风砂及土壤微粒的长期折磨。因此要不时利用除尘器及静电拖把彻底做好除尘及清洁的工作。商业空间入口入最好能放置除尘垫,过涉滤鞋子所带之砂粒住家最好入门后换穿拖鞋,减少砂粒尘土磨损石材表面之机会。 石材地面保持干燥清洁
    3, to completely clean and clean. Whether it is soft texture or texture hard granite (hardness HRs88-1114-7) (hardness HRs46-773-5) marble were not tolerant of wind sand and soil particles, the long suffering. So from time to time using electrostatic precipitator and mop thoroughly good dust removing and cleaning work. Commercial space entrance into the best placed for dust control mats, involved filter shoes with sand and live the best entry to change slippers, reduce sand dust wear the stone surface of the opportunity. Stone floors keep dry and clean
    4、不可随意上腊。 市场上的腊种类凡多,有水性腊、硬脂酸腊、油性腊、亚克力腊等等。这些腊基本上都含酸碱物质。不但会堵塞石材呼吸的毛细孔,还会沾上污尘形成腊垢,造成石材表面产生黄化现象。但若行人及货物流通频率极高的场所必须上腊,请专业保养公司指导用腊及保养为好。
    4, can not arbitrarily wax. On the market where there is water type wax, wax, wax, stearic acid of oily wax, wax acrylic etc.. These waxes basically contain acid and alkali material. Not only will block the stone breathing pores, but also stained with dust formation caused by wax dirt, stone surface yellowing. But if the pedestrian and circulation of goods of high frequency places must use wax, please professional maintenance company guidance with wax and maintenance as well.
    5、不可乱用非中性清洁剂。 为求快速清洁效果,一般清洁剂均含有酸碱性,故若长时间使用不明成份的清洁剂,将会使石材表面光泽尽失,且因非中性药剂的残留也是日后产生石材病变的主因。 石材地面定期保养维护
    5, can not be indiscriminate use of non neutral detergent. For the sake of fast cleaning effect, general cleaning agent containing acid and alkali, so if long time use of unknown composition of cleaning agent, will make stone surface gloss lost and for non pharmaceutical neutral residue is the future of stone material pathological changes is the main reason. Regular maintenance of stone floor
    6、要定期保养、维护光泽。 光靠除尘,清洁是无法让亮丽的石材光泽持续保持不退的。在条件允许的情况下,建议定期请专业公司派人做保养及光泽再生的维护工作。诸如:使用结晶液让大理石面再结晶、或使用抛光粉让大理石或花岗石面再生光泽、或使用抛光粉让大理石或花岗石面再生光泽、或使用透气性的光泽保护剂等等,均可让你的石材永保如新。
    6, to regular maintenance, maintenance gloss. Light by dust, clean is not to let the bright stone luster continued to keep not back. Under the conditions permit, it is recommended to regularly ask Professional Company to send people to do maintenance and gloss of the maintenance of regeneration. Such as: the use of liquid crystalline make the marble surface recrystallization, or the use of polishing powder for marble or granite surface regeneration gloss, or the use of polishing powder for marble or granite surface regeneration gloss, or use the ventilation of glossy protective agent and so on, can let your stone permanent insurance as a new.