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    Elevator door manufacturers share elevator door access identification methods: card recognition, password identification, biological identification; elevator door control can have the function is: mainly in the one layer of the entrance guard module, the realization of a layer of elevator car call button control, call the elevator. Each cableway floor is designated by the property management department when issuing cards.


    Cardholders do not need to choose keys on the designated floors, they can also arrive at the floors they want to call, and are not effective on the unspecified floors.


    1, when the single user card is brushed, the elevator directly registers the floor without pressing the key again.

    2、 刷多层用户卡时,需要再按卡片内记录的权限按键,卡片只有记录了权限,才能进行按键操作,物业管理人员能够使用多层卡进行管理 ;

    2. When the multi-layer user card is brushed, it is necessary to press the authority keys recorded in the card. The card only records the authority to carry on the key operation. The property manager can use the multi-layer card to manage it.


    3, add the interlinkage function with the building intercom on the basis of floor control; with the function of the cipher keyboard, the household forgets to bring the card, and it can also realize the password multiplying ladder without card.

    4、对于访客,无需卡和密码就可实现乘梯:先使用对讲系统呼叫住户,住户确认访客身份后,通过对讲分机按开锁键开单元大门,再按电梯启动键,给 IC 卡电梯选层控制系统送出客人可以到该层的信号,

    4, for visitors, no card and password can be achieved by the ladder: first use the intercom system to call the household, the household confirm the visitor identity, through the intercom to open the unit door by the lock key, and then press the elevator to start the key, to the IC card elevator selection control system to send guests to the signal to the layer.



    When the elevator is down to the bottom, when the guest enters the elevator, press the buttons on the floor of the household, then the elevator is started, and the other unauthorized floors can not be pressed by the key.


    5. A motherboard can control 8 floor buttons. Each floor plus a floor expansion board can control 8 floors and increase up to 4 expansion boards.


    6, support the charge to take the elevator function, for the toll card, every time the success of credit card deducts the number of times from the card, the number of buttons to zero, the elevator can not be used;

    7、 电梯卡层控制器与电梯本身系统采用无源触点连接,两者互相不受影响,不会对电梯原有性能有影响。

    7, the elevator card controller and the elevator itself are connected by passive contact, both of which are not affected each other, and will not affect the original performance of the elevator.


    If you feel there is a problem, please continue to read the next article, and we continue to explain the introduction of the elevator entrance guard, and welcome you to continue to pay attention to it, if you feel there is a problem.