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    2016-07-04 18:26:22 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    High grade KTV design does not necessarily need to pursue fashion, it is not necessarily very modern. It is often what member of consumers as their second home, it is not like the hotel and restaurant. Most of the guests are relatively unfamiliar, high-grade KTV is members and friends to relax mood often travel and leisure, enjoy life, so it should give people a warm, comfortable and harmonious feeling, both in the construction shapes, color, lighting, furniture collocation, decoration decoration on the must to do gentle and elegant and is the most important is to be comfortable.



    In addition is the need to have the distinguished quality. Now that can be said is a high-grade KTV, then high-grade KTV must be a more noble place, on behalf of a certain grade, high-grade KTV decorate to reflect the sense of superiority, in the decoration design should pay attention to the use of materials, material and the atmosphere is luxury, style, to show members of the identity, the distinguished degree to depending on the location of the KTV, and its geographical environment suitability, according to the membership, KTV style of many choices, which to the Western tradition of classical style to highlight and honor more acceptable.
    There is the need to have a unique design concept. High-grade KTV design should be carefully tailoring, have individual character and characteristic, in order to give the impression that a more profound impression, unique design elements to will make the value of all unique temperament, the distinctive, overweening sense, often can increase club.
    Unique design concept can be from many aspects to thresh looking for, such as in the clip space, the architecture gives the unique space condition and other environmental, drawn from the historical, cultural and artistic background, more also have to consider the function positioning, and design can be the creation element performance in architectural modeling, lamps and furniture modelling, colour and material utilization, decoration nodes, furnishings and paintings etc., in order to shape the unique personality.