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    2018-05-10 16:47:20 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    Today's wall decoration is no longer limited to latex paint, wallpaper and other traditional wall materials. The imitation marble UV board is the wall decoration material of great heat in recent years, its raw material is in the second generation of imitation marble UV board, is the bamboo wood fiber, waterproof and fireproof crystal powder low temperature limit. In addition to the wall paper, the surface of the imitation marble UV board has the black picture of the paint, and its biggest feature is the strong surface feeling, the concave and convex surface, the wallpaper, the replacement product of the paint.

    The cost of decorating marble like UV boards is high, which is the vital interest of many decorating owners. We all want to find reliable materials when decorating our walls. At the same time, we should not be too expensive, but also ensure quality.

    The price of the imitation marble UV plate is slightly higher than that of the general wall decoration material, but the price of the whole house decoration is not high if the factors are summed up. The first imitation marble UV board selects the modular equipment, can directly equipment on the blank wall, even if the painted wall does not need too much disposal only needs to be flat, the 100 square meter house can be finished in only a few days. Compared with the traditional decoration, it saves a lot of time, saving time means saving a small labor cost. . Second, the traditional decoration is the wall needs to scrape three times putty, itself is a time consuming and consuming effort, on the market, the real good paint and paint price is not low. In contrast, the cost of marble like UV board decoration is reasonable, simple and efficient, and the wind is clear.
    No increase, the charge is more effective. Traditional decoration is more expensive, and at the beginning, the price is reasonable, but in the decoration process, it is inevitable that materials will not be met, and additional purchases will be required. Sometimes we encounter unscrupulous foreman, who buys the goods in a different way, and the budget often exceeds the standard. Imitation marble UV plate decoration is a free price, without any free increase by the owner. Charge the door to the housing, make reasonable planning accounting, avoid adequate or wasteful phenomenon. The equipment is very simple, so few workers will make material loss in the process of equipment. And the general imitation marble UV board equipment is the imitation marble UV board specialty carpenter in the professional carpenter, because of the loss of carpenter made up by the reason, the store will also pay for the consumer.


    The imitation marble UV board upholstery simplifies the traditional tedious process, and the direct equipment can be finished in the wall surface of the billet room, greatly reducing the decoration time and saving a small number of decoration costs. The number of users who imitate the marble UV board decoration is also increasing year by year, and they all respond well and believe the public's attention. After understanding the imitation marble UV board, we can use the marble like UV plate decoration to create a perfect home with good health and beauty.