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    2018-06-06 10:30:13 文章来源:www.crbanking.com


    The elevator sets line manufacturers share the elevator operation problems usually originate from the components of dirty, poor lubrication, and the clearance and relative position of the fastening bolts loosening, wear and other changes. Let's share with you the elevator maintenance strategy.

    First, most of the components of the elevator are installed in the well, bottom pit and the outside of the car. The sealing condition is not very high. It is easy to be dirty by the dust in the convective air in the well. Sedan doors and hall doors, slippery rails, hoist wheels and sliders and door locks, such as the frequent entry and exit of the passengers, the dust in the air and the fine fiber in the carpet are quicker, resulting in the obstruction of the mechanism and the poor contact of electrical contacts.


    Second. During the operation of the elevator, the wear and tear of the rotating parts are accelerated due to the frequent impact of starting and stopping and reversing operation. Such as wear of bearing, wear of brake belt, wear of meshing surface of worm and worm, wear of traction wheel groove and traction rope, wear of guide shoe lining, door machine system, door lock, hanging door wheel and slide block wear and so on. Apart from the need to replace the worn parts of the brake belt and the boot boot regularly, all mechanical parts must be kept lubricated to avoid direct friction of the rotating parts. Some elevators appear to have "axle holding" and shaft breaking accidents, which are all caused by no lubrication.


    Third, there are dozens of organizations that make up the elevator. Because of the constant force of these components, the fastening components are easily loosened, which makes the movement of the mechanism difficult to be accurately in place. In order to make the parts work properly, the precision of the matching clearance and relative position must be checked regularly. The loose parts should be fastened in time and the worn and super poor components should be replaced.


    Elevator line manufacturers warm remind: the elevator's daily maintenance, the main is to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, lubrication and adjustment fastening these three work, the safety of the elevator operation is greatly improved, the failure rate is also significantly reduced.