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    2016-11-10 16:47:53 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    The elevator door line maintenance after the relay link is the ladder line production, sales of the elevator door line all in one service system, but at present most of the domestic enterprises will lift line the main focus will be put into production and sales process, cause direct link maintenance as can be imagined, non profit sectors, it can not bring the most direct the benefits to the enterprise. It can be seen that the importance of an elevator door line maintenance and a necessity. The following small to share the elevator door line maintenance door need to pay attention to the link!
    With the continuous development of elevator industry and improve the care line, this emerging industry is full of vitality and development opportunities. The development of elevator industry line nursing represents the progress of customer service service elevator door line industry in our country, but also represents the architectural decoration industry lift door line technology quality and quality improvement, promote clean and lift the property industry line of nursing service improved. To solve the elevator door line application many problems at home and abroad for the elevator door line users, improve the value of the elevator wire Mentao and decorative effect, prolong the service life of the elevator door line, saving the elevator door line of this kind of natural renewable resources, is the country of the industry.
    With the elevator door line production technology, the development of foreign brands elevator door line maintenance much earlier than the domestic, but our domestic product is not backward, we also established on the basis of independent research and development, quality and stability. In addition, for the maintenance of domestic market, we also have obvious "heaven, earth and man", "foreign products like selling drugs in the country, sometimes encounter special problems can not be solved, and our technical staff can communicate with customers directly, to on-site guidance, compared according to new products, new study on the problem, we can be more like doctor.
    At present, our country has established a number of elevator door line maintenance technology training center in the area, and for the new product development of new problems appeared in the decoration of elevator door line, to solve the problems encountered in a timely manner. As far as possible to make the elevator door line users get fast, convenient, comprehensive services, this advantage is unmatched by other people.
    Elevator door line maintenance start from our side, pay attention to the elevator maintenance line concept, technology and service, so as to enable enterprises to gain a foothold in the industry, but also can improve the industry as a whole pattern of grade.