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    2016-06-17 17:28:13 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    Hang the picture to be careful. Aisle background wall should not be too deep color or black too much of the painting as decoration. At the same time, it is not appropriate to hang more than one figure of an abstract painting. The family will therefore repeatedly mood, not easy to cause the psychological balance, neuroticism.
    In addition, the painting with a ferocious beast, it is best not to hang. For families with children in the family is the need to pay attention to, the slightest mistake will lead to sworn revenge. Need to pay attention to is that some people like on the wall hanging painting of a tiger, that can ward off evil spirits in this case will not be able to choose the white tiger, because white tiger ominous meaning.

    Should not be on the window. Aisle background wall is not suitable for the face is facing the window, the window on the background to play when the window is not suitable. This will affect the family fortune.
    Should not be on the door. If the chair is placed on the back of the door on the door, then it will make the person sitting in the chair of the psychological burden, so that the health of the body will have a negative impact. Therefore, the screen can be placed as a barrier.
    If you stay back to the mirror, back will be shown by the mirror; if it is to stay in the mirror, then every move can be seen in the mirror. The face of this situation, people will feel uncomfortable, difficult to completely relax. Even if there is only one person, it seems that there are eyes staring at.
    Color. The choice of the color of the wall of the aisle, the use of too deep color or black is to avoid the need to. Dark colors make people feel heavy, easy to make people depressed, pessimistic, lack of enthusiasm. Should not have sharp corners. Aisle walls in the background modeling if appear to be pointed, prominent, then these shapes will cause the family mental tension, restlessness, serious will endanger the health of family. Therefore, try to avoid the background wall to make no sense of the messy segmentation.