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    2016-06-06 13:59:12 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    The building in the drive, relatively pollution is particularly serious. As the stone itself has pores and water, air pollution, dust and air in the acid gas and steam locomotive gas, accumulate over a long period of time attached on the surface of the stone. When it rains, acid rain will accelerate the pollution on the stone of erosion and adsorption in the stone of the pores of the, resulting in easy to clean stains, especially for the burning of the surface of the stone, the pollution formation speed faster, and it is not easy to clean, only using a commercially available cleaning agent cannot remove the pollution; if it is a smooth stone, the gloss soon is eroded away.

    因此,要去除这些污染,可以使用客林 石材清洗剂,这类石材专用的清洗剂可以将渗入毛细孔内的污染完全去除,且不会伤害石材。如果要防止石材再一次被污染的话,可于石材清洗干净后,在石材表面干燥的情形下,再作一道防护处理的工作,这种渗透性的防护剂常用的有客林 墙体防水宝、石材保护剂,这两种防护剂可以渗入石材内部,形成一道防护层,具有防水、防污、防止泛碱、防锈斑、防油污、防风化、防老化、耐酸碱、防茶渍、可乐、酱油等造成的污斑的效果,并能有效控制白华的产生,且不损及石材原有的透气性,平常清洗工作只需用水擦拭即可达到效果,无需使用其他的清洗剂。
    Therefore, to remove these pollution, you can use the guest Lin stone cleaning agent, this kind of stone special cleaning agent can penetrate into the capillary hole pollution completely removed, and will not damage the stone. If you want to prevent stone again polluted, in stone after cleaning, in the case of dry stone surface, then make a protective treatment work, the permeability of the protective agent used a Ke Lin Bao, waterproof wall stone protective agent, the two kinds of protective agent can penetrate into the interior of the stone. The formation of a protective layer, waterproof, anti fouling, prevent rust spots, efflorescence, anti oil, anti weathering, anti aging, anti acid and alkali resistant stains, tea, cola, soy sauce and so on cause effect, and can effectively control the Bai Hua, and does not damage the original stone and the permeability, the usual cleaning work only water wipe effect, without the use of other cleaning agent.
    Protection treatment of external wall pollution: in general, the stone walls have a considerable height, once the pollution caused by cleaning, construction is very inconvenient. If the prior to do a good job in the door handle it. After the completion of no pollution problems, daily cleaning work is only needed water wipe, and before the construction of protective treatment cost is low, construction is easier, stone protective agent, the breakthrough to improve the previous protective treatment time-consuming problems, this method in foreign countries has been widely used in engineering stone.
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