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    2018-06-13 10:37:13 文章来源:www.crbanking.com


    In the evening of June 12th, the weather forecast showed that there was thunderstorm in June 13th. There is no trace of rain. We must learn to see clouds and weather. Haha, there is no sign of rain yet. We also need to learn to understand the style of decoration, and we should learn to observe the color of modeling.


    Next, elevator door manufacturers will give you this opportunity to learn. What is the design concept of American style? How much do you know? If you know, you can omit, do not look, if you do not know, then take a good look at it!

    第一、线条简单 白色线板:线条简洁的浮雕线板应用,已是美式轻乡村风格的必要理念,也是需要对称感的视觉美感,可以应用在门片、顶边框上等。

    First, line simple white line board: the simple line plate application, is the American style light rural style necessary concept, but also a sense of symmetry of the visual aesthetic, can be applied to the door, top border and so on.


    第二、文化墙和 瓷砖应用:磁砖一直是美式风格家庭中比较重要的一员,客厅的文化墙及厨房、卫浴的主墙面拼贴菱形磁砖,增加空间的精致感,还显示上档次的感觉。

    Second, cultural wall and ceramic tile application: the magnetic brick has always been an important member of the American style family. The cultural wall of the living room and the main wall of the bathroom and the main wall of the bathroom are collage of diamond shaped tiles to increase the sense of space and display the sense of grade.

    第三、壁炉元素 突出温馨:壁炉造型可以为房间内带来美式风格的温馨感觉!比如壁炉造型打造视听柜,这样添加了美式风格元素,还使得空间中的造型多样化。

    Third, the fireplace elements highlight the warmth: the fireplace shape can bring the warm feeling of American style to the room. For example, to create audio-visual cabinets in the shape of fireplace, so that the American style elements are added, and the shapes in space are diversified.

    第四、拱门造型 别有情调:不但有色彩与线条,还能用拱门或方格造型为空间添加隔断,若餐厨区之间设置拱门造型,既可以起到分隔的作用,又添加了美式风格的元素

    Fourth, the arches don't have the emotion: not only the color and the line, but also the arch gate or the square shape to add the space. If the kitchen area is set up between the arches, it can not only play the role of separation, but also add the elements of American style.