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    2016-05-24 17:30:50 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    1, background wall orientation
    TV setting wall is mainly by a TV placed the location decisions, and TV placed by the sofa of placement decisions, so TV setting wall need is determined according to the location of the sofa, and the most suitable distance is 2.5 to 3 metres, and the most suitable location is inside the eye can see, try to avoid to the light position, because of the influence of television viewing effect to the light.
    2, the size of the background wall

    TV background wall size should be determined by the size of the TV and the size of the entire interior space. Avoid entering the TV background wall too large or too small errors, leading to the TV background wall and interior decoration is not harmonious. The background wall is too small may be blocked by television, it will appear too small wall, the impact of visual effects; and too much, it will appear too small TV, even if the TV will lead to major primary and secondary upside down, there is an empty.
    3, the background wall style selected
    The television background wall decoration style should correspond with the interior decoration style, avoid by all means conflict style, contrasting a disharmony factors. When we determine the whole interior space decoration style can be selected TV background wall decoration style, according to the TV background wall decoration style to determine the color mix, design elements, such as design options.
    4, background wall color matching scheme
    TV setting wall colors need to consider and match the style of the indoor space, also want to consideration to meet the family's psychological acceptance of colour, because TV setting wall colors tend to affect the family's psychological, will have an impact on family psychology, and the television background wall is family, long-term look at the place, especially the elderly and children at home time is relatively long, and watching TV is their favorite way of entertainment. Generally speaking, TV setting wall should be choose the amount of elegant white, light blue, light green, light yellow, light red, light color attune, unfavorable choose too dazzling too deep color, also do not use and style of living room decoration is a departure from the color collocation.
    5, background wall modeling
    TV background wall modeling in fact, there is no particular place to pay attention to, can be based on personal preferences. But if the shape is too messy, then it is easy to make people distracted, resulting in visual fatigue. It is best to use a round, curved or straight or straight without edges and corners of the linear modeling, in the Feng Shui more emphasis on symmetry.