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    Marble elevator door construction step, quick look:


    (1) stone selection: the color of the stone to choose and classify the color, installed on the same side of the stone color should be consistent, according to the design drawings and block sequence will stone number.
    (2) primary wall cleaning: clean the wall, installed base bracket, and structure, find the rules, pop-up vertical and horizontal lines. And according to the design drawings and the actual need to pop up the location of the installation of stone lines and block lines.
    (3)打线:根据尺寸,打好施工线,石材安装前要事先用经纬仪打击大角两个面的竖向控制线,最好弹在离大角500px 的位置上,以便随时检查垂直挂线的准确线,保证顺利安装,并在控制线的上下作出标记。
    (3): according to the wire size, good construction line, stone installation before prior to the theodolite two vertical strike bighorn control line, the best bomb in the 500px position from the angle, in order to check the accuracy of the vertical line hanging line at any time, to ensure the smooth installation, and in control of the next line marking.
    (4)安装底层托架,把预先安排好的支托按上平线支在将要安装的底层石板上面。支托要支承牢固,相互之间要连接好,也可和架子接在一起,支架安好后,顺支托方向钉铺通长的50mm 厚木板,木板上口要在同一个水平面上,以保证石材上下面处在同一水平面上。
    (4) install the bottom bracket, put the pre arranged support on the flat line in the bottom of the above will be installed. Support to support each other to firmly connected, and can also be connected with the support shelf, well, along the supporting nail 50mm plank paved direction length, upper board to be at the same level, to ensure that the stone below to be on the same plane.
    (5): stainless steel bolt connecting member installed fixed angle plate design provisions of the peace. Adjust the flat plate position, so that the flat plate hole coincides with the insertion hole on the stone, fixed flat plate, with screw wrench.
    (6) marble decorative plate installation: in accordance with the groove and components to find a good position, the bottom panel can be put in place on the corner.
    (7)板面微调:安装好大理石装饰板材再调整水平度,如板面上口不平, 可在板底的一端下口的连接平钢板上垫一相应的双股铜丝垫。调整垂直度,并调整面板上口的不锈钢连接件的距墙空隙,直至面板垂直。
    (7) surface trimming installed marble decorative plate and then adjust the level, such as the surface is uneven, double wire connecting pad plate on a pad of the corresponding side of the bottom plate of the mouth. Adjust the verticality and adjust the upper panel stainless steel connections from the wall voids, until the vertical panel.
    (8)顶部装饰板材的安装:顶部最后一层面板除了按一般石板安装要求外,安装调整好,在结构与石板的缝隙里吊一通长的20mm 厚木条,木条上平为石板上口下去250mm,吊点可设在连接铁件上。可用彩铝丝吊木条,木条吊好后,即在石板与墙面之间的空隙里放填充物,且填塞严实,防止灌浆时漏浆。
    (8) the top decoration plate installation: at the top of the last layer of the panel in addition to install according to the requirements of general stone, adjusting the structure and installation in the gap in the stone hanging 20mm thick wooden sticks on a long, flat stone is down 250mm, hanging iron pieces in connection. Available color aluminum wire hanging wood, wood hanging after that, the gap between the stone and the wall inside the filling, packing and tight, to prevent leakage of slurry grouting.
    (9) to clear the marble surface: the marble surface of the anti fouling strip off, with cotton yarn to wipe the slate clean.
    More and more use of marble elevator door, not only with the correct method of formal work, but also pay attention to the maintenance, so as to prolong the service life of the elevator door.