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    2016-06-02 13:20:00 文章来源:www.crbanking.com

    Kitchen UV board is by a variety of special paper after chemical treatment, made of high temperature and high pressure cement thermosetting layer product plastic, panel with a variety of wood or pattern, smooth and bright, bright color appearance, and has high abrasion resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, fire and other good physical properties. Kitchen UV board manufacturers for you to simply introduce the advantages of its use.
    耐水,浴室柜板材厂家的基板采用高密实技术生产,材质致密,吸水率低,不易变形。耐 火,基板属于无机材料,饰面层不含溶剂,燃烧性能达到GB8624A1级。耐 污,表面平整、光洁,幅面大,减少了接缝,不易沾污。

    Water resistance, bathroom cabinet panel manufacturers of the substrate using high density technology production, material density, low water absorption, not easy to deformation. Refractory, the substrate belongs to inorganic material, the veneer layer does not contain the solvent, the combustion performance reaches GB8624A1 grade. Stain resistance, surface smooth, smooth, large format, reduce seams, contamination is not easy.
    耐 刮,漆膜致密,表面硬度达到3H以上,不易划伤。耐摩擦,UV氟碳涂层的漆膜坚固,硬度3H以下的摩擦不留痕迹。耐腐蚀,耐溶剂,耐酸碱腐蚀,耐盐雾达4000小时以上,是普通氟碳涂料的3倍。
    Scratch resistant, film density, the surface hardness of 3H or more, not easy to scratch. Resistance to friction, UV fluorocarbon coating of the paint film is strong, the hardness of 3H the following friction without leaving traces. Corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, acid and alkali corrosion, salt spray up to 4000 hours or more, is 3 times the ordinary fluorocarbon coatings.
    耐冲击,浴室柜板材厂家的基板材质坚韧,坚固程度优于同类板材。耐紫外线,在日光下暴晒,不起泡、不开裂、不褪色,是其他涂层无法相比的。耐 候,色彩持久,不易变色,耐人工加速气候老化性试验值达到4000小时,是普通氟碳漆的1.5倍,是外墙金属漆的4倍,其使用年限长达25年
    Impact resistance, bathroom cabinet panel manufacturers of the substrate material toughness, strong degree of the same plate. UV resistant, in the sun exposure, non foaming, non cracking, non fading, is not compared to other coatings. Weather resistance, lasting color, not easy to change color, resistance to artificial accelerated weathering test value of 4000 hours, 1.5 times the ordinary fluorocarbon paint, 4 times the outer wall of the metal paint, the use of up to 25 years
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